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Donna Corcoran
Guided Hypnotic Meditation

Experience some different modalities in higher consciousness journeying. I offer guided meditations where the client experiences aspects of themselves and self healings through guidance. The Beyond Quantum Healing method is an application in a heart based modality, set in pure intention, and love for all humanity.


About the process

A hypnotic or meditative trance state is not taking you out of your conscious state, it's taking you into another segment of knowing, a telepathic awareness, that is not related to the brain at all. It is an intuitive cord, the state of experiencing a heightened sense of visualization or a narrative, whether it be seeing a lifetime as in a movie reel, or just sensing an environment – or downloading a memory from somewhere other than where you are in this current timeline (a déjà vu), One may sense smell, taste, a feeling of clothing of another era, experience vivid color, music, the air, the grass, heat or cold. The experience, which I call the karmic (lessons) journeying, can answer long remembered traumas. These traumas can be searched out, relived through the experience, in a non evasive way, and connected to your current experience – a self healing through self love and forgiveness. A light turned on.


Each individual is different, and the techniques can be pared to the experience of your choosing – although, you don't always get the results you want – you get what you need. We can utilize water therapy, crystal energetics, color, sound frequency through quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, or you can go into the trance without enhancement elements. Whatever you feel comfortable with. I will go into the trance with you, as your guide, and prompt you as you journey. It is completely safe, you are always in control, and able to break the trance and come back into the conscious state that you normally are in. Connect with me to learn more. Or visit the form page to download more information. Thank you.

Beyond Quantum Healing BQH

“Beyond what exactly?"

Beyond everything, really.

Beyond traditional “past life regression”.

Beyond step-by-step hypnosis or formulaic procedures.

Beyond mechanics straight to the heart.

BQH is heart-based and focuses upon a creative, energetic approach to assist clients in self-healing.

Simply put, humans are different now than they were just a handful of years ago. Our bodies, our sense of time, our intuition, our energy and the very way we move through the world is completely different today than just it was even a few months ago!

BQH sessions are heart-based, open-minded and open-ended, and above all, flexible.

Alchemical processes, energy alignments and intention decrees precede bringing the client into a relaxed state to explore consciousness. Any concern one might have can benefit from BQH, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

Profound change is possible and the possibilities are limitless.

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Beyond Quantum Healing

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